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An unburnt brick dried in the sunEgyptian T-b, mud brick
A colourless gas with pungent smellFrom the name of the god Amun
A figure resembling a crossEgyptian for 'life'
A small sea-going vesselEgyptian byr, a boat
A hard black woodEgyptian hbny
A species of chicory, used in saladsEgyptian t3-'b-t, the month when it was harvested
A secretion from certain trees and shrubsEgyptian qmy-t, 'resin'
A genus of birds, related to the stork and heronEgyptian hbw
The hard substance composing the tusks of the elephantEgyptian 3bw, 'elephant'
A spiritual part of a human being or a god which survived after deathEgyptian for 'soul'
Sodium carbonate, sodium or potassium nitrate, potassium nitrate, saltpetreEgyptian nTrj
A fertile spot in a desertEgyptian wH3-t, 'cauldron'
A kingEgyptian pr-'3, 'great house'
A band or ribbon as part of one's clothingEgyptian Ss, 'linen'
A monster with the head of a woman and the body of a lionEgyptian Szp-'nx, 'living image'

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