Country names in ancient Egyptian

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Can you name the modern countries given the name of the area in ancient Egyptian?

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Egyptian nameCountryHints
Ta-Sheme'aw, Ta-Mehew, Kemet'North land', 'land of papyrus', 'black land'
Tjehenu, TjemehuHome of the Meshwesh, Libu
Wawat, Irtjet, Setju, YamSouth of Aswan, Kingdoms of Meroe, Kush
Punt'God's Land', source of myrrh and incense
AlashiyaSource of copper
Tanaja, Keftiu, AhhiyahaHomes of some of the Sea Peoples
Hatte, Hattusha, WilusaHome of the Hittites, Luwians
Shekelesh, Teresh, ShardanaHomes of some of the Sea Peoples
Retenu, Retjenu, Djahi, KanaanCities of Gaza, 'Rushalimum', home of the 'Apiru'
NaharinCities of Ugarit, Aleppo, home of the Mitanni
Labirana, RaminanaCities of Byblos, Tyre
Sanhar, SangarCities of Uruk, Nippur

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