Memorable Hitchcock Cameos

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Can you name the memorable Hitchcock cameos?

Updated Mar 13, 2012

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Where is Hitch?Film
Hitch is leaving a pet shop with two dogs.
Hitch is drinking champagne at a party, then quickly leaves the shot.
Hitch is sitting next to the main character, riding in the rear seat of a bus.
Hitch is wearing a cowboy hat outside a main character's office.
Hitch looks to be repairing a clock in someones apartment.
Hitch is trying to board a train, struggling with a large double bass.
Hitch is crossing the street, later, we see his silhouette as a neon sign outside of an apartment.
Where is Hitch?Film
Hitch can be seen in a class reunion photograph hanging on the wall.
Hitch is watching Moroccan acrobats in the marketplace.
Hitch is trying to catch a bus, instead, the doors close in his face and it leaves without him.
Hitch is seen in a newspaper ad for a product called: Reduco Obesity Slayer
Hitch is walking across the street, carrying a horn case.
Hitch is leaving a hotel room, and looks guiltily into the camera.
Hitch is sitting in a hotel lobby with a baby on his lap.

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