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What is the name of the airline Rocko and Heffer fly on?
How do I make everything all wavy?
What does Mr. Bighead owe the native inhabitants of O-Town?
Where, specifically, is 'Just Dog Bowls' located in the mall?
Where does Heffer think Rocko moved from?
How many episodes doeos Peaches appear in?
What order of objects is Filburt hit by outside the comic shop?
What is the penalty for a golf ball being hit by a piano?
What's red and green and goes 100mph?
What was the rhino in the newspaper for?
How big is Really Really Big Man's kitchen?
Is the derivative share requirement indexed according to cost and percentage analysis?
What is the brand of the food processor Rocko buys?
What is the first step of every 'do-it-yourself' project Rocko and Heffer work on?
What was Rocko's employee number at Super Lot O' Comics?
Who created Rocko's Modern Life?
What is Filburt's dream occupation?
What was Rocko doing when he won the wrestling tickets?
When do angels get their wings?
How many layers are in Heffer’s “super stack pineapple cake?”
Who voiced the most characters on the show?
What instructional video is shown at the DMV?
What does the eye chart in Dr. Bendova's office say?
How long do pets live after eating a Fatheads Chewable Vitamin Cheese Tablet?
According to Rocko, what days are considered to be very dangerous?
What is the model of the TV From Heck?
How did Heffer pull his hamstring?
E Z G H J P M The doctor is sneaking up behind you...
What does the purple button on the airplane do?
What does Lang Chao wear in place of his black belt?
What movie is playing at the Googleplex Cinema?
What was the year/flavor of the potato chip Heffer removes from the Suck-O-Matic?
What did Jenny Rose say in the 3rd grade?
Which is funnier, bananas or cheese?
What is the name of O-Town's newspaper?
What is Heffer's Halloween costume?
According to Crappie Jack, what type of animal is Davy Jones?
Where was Filburt born?
What does WWWWF stand for?
What illness does Bev get from a mosquito?

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