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Before clueAnswerAfter Clue
Dramady about aesthetically challenged woman working for a fashion magazineMother of modern cookbooks
Macedonian ruler with massive empireBlazing Jerry Lee Lewis song
Cartoon with aspiring world dominating miceSuperman AI enemy or a really smart person
Connery movie on a giant submarineGyllenhaal makes homemade rockets to avoid mining
Aldous Huxley dystopian classicwww meaning
Avian nursery rhyme tellerRL Stine young adult horror series
Hitchcock film with mistaken identity and spiesLate 90s early 2000s Presidential drama
My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father...Early Brosnan Bond film
Rock star from Get Him to the Greek and Sarah MarshallFictional damsel with seven little friends
Constellation known also as Great BearCharlie Sheen movie and organization Ichiro plays in
Unclean Eastwood filmJohn Lithgow costars with sasquatch
Largest capital city named after the countryCage and Ryan film that jerked everyone's tears
Lofty-named bottled waterYellow 5 enriched soda
Large wall in Fenway ParkOldie classic about Dracula, Wolfman, Mummy, etc
Shakespeare play with King and men falling for Princess and ladiesCrichton sequel with Jurassic proportions
Before clueAnswerAfter Clue
First music video on MTVAndrew Lloyd Webber musical about trains on skates
Greedy brother to Richard who took from the poorMan who dunked Jesus in a river
A spacestation that 'is no moon'Show that 'beamed me up'
Michael Douglas movie or place where people gamble corporate moneyRaul Julia film based on hit video game series
Sir Mix A-Lot hit with large buttsGreat Scott! A movie that transcends time and space!
High-grossing Eddie Murphy police flickMan who theorized the Sun was the center of the universe
Untame Sendak classicNickelodeon version of Tales from the Crypt
Document boldly signed by John HancockBuilding where said document was signed
First American to orbit the EarthGroup responsible for American Patrol and Moonlight Serenade
Schindler's List and Forrest Gump composerMain character of Mel Gibson's Braveheart
Star and stripe wearing American mascotFrodo's bestest buddy
Voice of Family Guy's Chris GriffinRing-wearing monochromatic superhero
Civil war film that 'doesn't give a dam'Bette Midler classic from Beaches
Cartoon with purple clad crime-fighting mallardCartoon with bear piloted float plane
Tim Allen movie where he finds he has a teenage other;y-cultured sonRudyard Kipling classic

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