Digidestine's Digimon Season 1

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Can you name the Digidestine's Digimon from Season 1?

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Taichi 'Tai' KamiyaRookie
Sora TakenouchiRookie
Yamato 'Matt' IshidaRookie
Takeru 'T.K.' TakaishiRookie
Mimi TachikawaRookie
Koushiro 'Izzy' IzumiRookie
Joe KidoRookie
Hikari 'Kari' KamiyaRookie
Taichi 'Tai' KamiyaChampion
Sora TakenouchiChampion
Yamato 'Matt' IshidaChampion
Takeru 'T.K.' TakaishiChampion
Mimi TachikawaChampion
Koushiro 'Izzy' IzumiChampion
Joe KidoChampion
Hikari 'Kari' KamiyaChampion
Taichi 'Tai' KamiyaUltimate
Sora TakenouchiUltimate
Yamato 'Matt' IshidaUltimate
Takeru 'T.K.' TakaishiUltimate
Mimi TachikawaUltimate
Koushiro 'Izzy' IzumiUltimate
Joe KidoUltimate
Hikari 'Kari' KamiyaUltimate
Taichi 'Tai' KamiyaMega
Yamato 'Matt' IshidaMega

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