All Gangs In Fallout:New Vegas

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Can you name the gangs in fallout:new vegas?

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2077President KimballPresident Edien
Leader is President KimballMain Weapon : service rifle
Leader is The KingMain Weapon: 10mm pistol
Leader is EddieMain Weapon: dynamite
Leader is Papa KhanMain Weapon:10mm machine gun
Leader is Arcade GannonMain Weapon: plasma rifle
Leader is PearlMain Weapon: missile lancher
Leader is Unkown (Small Raider Gang)Main Weapon: 9mm pistol
2077President KimballPresident Edien
Leader is CaeserMain Weapon 12.7mm machine gun
Leader is Motor-RunnerMain Weapon: plasma rifle
Leader is Elder McNameraMain Weapon: laser rifle
Leader is Joshua GrayhamMain Weapon: 12mm pistol
(Final Question) Who Claimed New Vegas Before the NCR or Legion came The Great Khans fought the NCR but got pushed so far back into Red Rock Canyon

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