The Cold War: Developement, Detente, End

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Can you name the the date for the key features of the cold war??

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Marshall Plan and Aid
Berlin Blockade and Airlift
Brezhnev put in power
Gorbachev put in power
End of Detente
Kennedy elected
Helsinki Agreement
US explodes first H-Bomb
Cuban Missile Crisis
Stalin dies
Russia explodes first nuke
Truman Doctorine
Berlin Wall falls
Gorbachev resigns
Start of Detente
Test ban treaty
Tehran Conference
Potsdam Conference
Velvet Revolution
Cherynobyl crisis
Truman elected
USSR collapses
Eisenhower elected
Kruschev put in power
USA begins fighting Vietnam War
Formation of EastGermany
Carter elected
Chernenko put in power
INF treaty
Hungarian Uprising
L.A olympics boycotted by USSR
Formation of West Germany
USSR explodes H-Bomb
Start of SALT talks
Roosevelt dies
President Reagen Elected
Ford replaces Nixon
Hotline set up from White house to Kremlin
USSR invades Afghanistan
Soviets walk out of INF meetings SDI
Johnson in power
Nixon elected
Outer space Treaty
Andropov put in power
Moscow olympics boycotted by USA
Yalta Conference
Non-proliferation Treaty
Churchill Iron curtain Speech
Berlin Wall
Gorbachevs new reforms
Apollo Suyez Mission

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