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Juxtaposed or pictorial images in deliberate sequence.
The panel to panel transition that shows no relationship between two panels
Relationship where words are an integral part of a picture
The panel to panel transition that shows two of the same image one second after another or sooner
One picture that is divided into parts, or parts of one picture are shown in different places
The type of scale that shows real images on one side and highly cartooned images on the other
Relationship where words and pictures work hand-in-hand
Images used to represent concepts, ideas, and philosophies
The plane that houses shapes colors and lines that represent just shapes colors and lines
Relationship when words and picture give the same message
Exploration of a mixing of senses in a comic
Relationship where words and pictures don't do the same thing
Relationship where picture doesn't add to the text
Onomatopoeia in a comic
The panel to panel transition that goes over significant spaces in time or distance and changes the setting
The panel to panel transition that gives people an idea of whats going on but focuses on several different things one after another
The panel to panel transition that focuses on a single subject doing a single action
The panel to panel transition that shows different parts of a single place or follows a certain mood
Name one way you can show movement in a comic (using a term from Understanding Comics)
Relationship where text doesn't add to picture
When a comic has parts that go outside of panels
The place where spoken words are seen in a comic, most often
The aspect of comics that all are able to appreciate, but not all can see through and get to the other side
A type of image that eliminates details in order to get to the essential meaning of an image
Lines that demonstrate a characters movement, or speed lines
The aspect of creating comics that all creators start at
Any image used to represent a person, place, thing, or idea.
Relationship where words add to picture
The space in between two panels in a comic that is important in spacing
The space around and between the subjects of an image

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