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The kind man who visits the main character near the beginning of the book and starts living with her
A mixed race black woman who is the first to help Denver
The dead daughter of the main character who appeared to her 18 years after her death
The man who ran the plantation where the main character worked after the old owner died
The main character's alive daughter's special place where she puts things like cologne
The place where town prayer meetings are held by the main characters mother in law
The college that Denver is supposed to go to if she continues her work
The 18-year-old alive daughter of the main character
The place where the visitor to the main characters home was imprisoned underground and in chains
The house where the main characters live in Ohio
The object the visitor to the main characters home compares his heart to
A slave who dies during the attempted escape of the plantation
The husband of the main character who disappeared and is never found
The mother of the main characters husband who preaches in the woods and begins to want different colors after the main characters baby dies
The city in Ohio where the main characters live
The object the main character had to sell herself for to get it engraved
The revelation at the end of the book is not that the main characters dead daughter is getting fatter, but rather that she is __________
The indian tribe the slave groups goes to for safety and freedom
A little girl who helps give birth to the main characters daughter and wants velvet from Boston
The horrible slave plantation where the main character worked before escaping
The old owner of the plantation who died
A woman who lives in the same town as the main character who organizes a group of women to go over to her house and remove her dead daughter
The thing brutally stolen from the main character on the night of the attempted escape
The tool used by the main character to kill her daughter
A slave who often leaves the plantation on weekends to go visit a girl and later throws himself in a fire
The last name of the white abolitionist couple who helps the main character escape from slavery and later gives her daughter a job
Slave woman who kills one of her children and lives in Ohio after escaping a horrible plantation
The river the main character had to cross to get to her freedom
The name for the group that was chained underground together who escaped in a mudslide
The tree at the home of the main character which the visitor talks to
An agent of the underground railroad who helps the main character escape and saves her daughters life
The object the main characters back scars resemble
The objects the main character wears only at her home which are asked about by her dead daughter
The brother of the slave who lives with the main character in the first part of the book

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