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Tom Sawyer's aunt. Jim is being kept at her house. Tom and Huck rescue Jim from a cabin on their property.
The dead man who leaves his estate to his two brothers and nieces.
He is one of the Shepherdson boys. He runs away with one of the Grangerford girls.
A younger man in trouble that Jim and Huck take on their raft. He is very crafty and is always scheming.
She is one of the sweet daughters of Peter Wilks. She trusts the King and the Duke immediately, even though they are liars. She doesn't even hesitate to give them the money.
He is a drunk with a red face, who appears to be around fifty years old. He comes galloping to town on a horse, and gets teased and harassed by some of the town members.
An older man in trouble that Jim and Huck take on their raft. He pretends to be Peter Wilks' brother, Harvey.
When Huck dresses as a girl to go and try to find out some information about what has been happening around town, he comes across a house in the woods. She invites him in.
Miss Watson's slave. He runs away and journeys down the Mississippi River with Huck. Together, they have many adventures.
When the town crowds around his house, seeking revenge for killing someone, he insults them by telling them they are all just a bunch of cowards. Everyone eventually clears out.
He is charge of Huck's money. He has Huck's best interest at heart.
Sister of the Widow Douglas. She tries to teach Huck religion and how to spell.
Adopts Huck to try and civilize him. Her sister is Miss Watson.
She is the dead daughter of the Grangerford family. She wrote poetry and painted; her subjects were always about dead people.
Huck's drunkard father. He kidnaps Huck because he wants his money, but Huck escapes.
She is one of the beautiful Grangerford daughters. She asks Huck to go and get the Testament that she left in Church. He does, and discovers a note for her inside the book.
Tom Sawyer's uncle. Jim is being kept on his property.
The smallest son of the Grangerford family. Huck becomes good friends with him. He gets killed in the battle with the Shepardsons. It makes Huck sick to see violence like this.

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