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Can you name the characters/places from Art Spiegelman's Maus?

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Maus Characters
The area of New York where the narrator's father lives
The wife of the narrator who is french and converted to Judaism to make the narrators father happy
A nice lady who allows the Spiegelmans' to hide in her house except when her husband comes home for a week
The town in Poland where the narrator's father grew up
The father of the narrator who lived through the Holocaust and went through many horrible experiences
The narrator's fathers cousin who is the supervisor at the shoe repair shop he works at and prepares a bunker in the ghetto in which he survives the war
Chief of the Jewish Police in the Srodula ghetto and helps out the narrators parents when they first are sent to Auschwitz
The man who helps the narrator's father after the war and helps him find the Americans
The lady who allows the Spiegelmans' to hide in her barn
A cousin of the narrator's father who becomes tired of waiting, bribes the guards, and runs, but they shoot him
The narrators mother who kills herself after surviving the Holocaust and having her first born son die
The narrators fathers second wife who does not get along with her husband and leaves him halfway through the book
The narrators mothers sister who takes all of the children during the Holocaust and kills herself and them
The go-between of the narrator's father and his wife in the Holocaust
The author and narrator of Maus who works on his relationship with his father throughout the book
The town in Poland where the narrator's father moves to be with his fiancee
The father of the narrators mother who is a wealthy manufacturer before the holocaust and dies in Auschwitz
The brother of the narrator who dies by swallowing poison in the Holocaust
The narrators father's nephew who hides with the Spiegelman's until he gives up and goes to Auschwitz which he survives

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