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Janes horrible teacher at her childhood school who hates her friend too
The home of Jane's uncle when he died
The maid at Janes childhood home who is the only person there to treat her nicely
The town where St. John is a pastor, and where Jane teaches
The kindest teacher at Janes childhood school who treats Jane and her friend with a lot of compassion
Janes nice uncle who leaves her a large sum of money
The cold, reserved, and controlling minister who wants to go become a missionary and asks Jane to go with him
The place in Janes childhood home where she is sometimes allowed to stay
The brother of Rochester's old wife who interrupts Jane's marriage with him
Janes best friend at her childhood school until she dies
An item Rochester buys Jane, and the one which his old wife rips apart during the night
The woman who wishes to marry Mr. Rochester for his money and hates Jane
The keeper of Mr. Rochester's old wife at Thornfield who sometimes accidentally allows her to escape
The woman who is in love with St. John but cannot marry him
The school that Jane attends as a child
Janes pupil at Thornfield who is French
The housekeeper at Thornfield who is the first to meet Jane when she arrives
The manor Rochester goes to live at when he becomes crippled and blind
The intelligent, honest, plain-featured young girl forced to contend with oppression, inequality, and hardship and meets with a series of individuals who threaten her autonomy.
The disease that goes through Janes childhood school, killing many
The room in Thornfield where Mr. Rochester likes to speak with Jane
The type of book Jane is reading on the windowsill when her cousin comes to find her as a child
The opera dancer who had an affair with Mr. Rochester and had a daughter who she abandoned
The room which Jane is locked up in as a child and is supposedly haunted
The french nurse of Jane's pupil at Thornfield
The apothecary of the Reeds who suggests that Jane should be sent to school and helps Jane by sending her school a letter that says she is not a liar
The area of Thornfield where Rochesters old wife is kept
Janes cousin who is mean to her as a child and befriends her later in life and later marries a wealthy man
The school where Jane teaches the poor village girls
Janes cruel aunt who makes a promise to her husband to raise Jane as her child but does not
The language St. John teaches Jane toward the end of the book
The hypocritical and cruel master of Janes childhood school who steals from the school to support his rich lifestyle
Janes nice uncle who makes Mrs. Reed promise to raise Jane as her own child
The attorney who helps prevent Jane's marriage with Mr. Rochester because of his old wife
The master of Thornfield who falls in love with Jane and spends his adult life trying to reconcile for something he did as a young man
The town where the coach drops Jane when she runs away from Mr. Rochester
The name of the author of Jane Eyre
Mr. Rochester's monstrous first wife
Janes cousin and St. Johns sister who tells Jane not to go on the missionary trip with St. John
The home of Mr. Rochester which burns down
The symbolic tree that is struck by lightning
The amount of money inherited by Jane at the end of the book
The home of Mrs. Reed and where Jane lived part of her childhood
Janes cousin who is mean to her as a child and devotes herself to the church as an adult
Janes cousin who mocks her as a child and ends up committing suicide as an adult when his mother does not pay his debts
The house in which Diana and Mary Rivers live when Jane arrives
The area of the world/country where Rochesters old wife is from
The house of Mr. Eshton where Mr. Rochester visits for awhile
Janes cousin and St. Johns sister who is forced to work as a governess when her father loses his fortune
The country where St. John goes to become a missionary

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