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An idea or characteristic that is continuously visited throughout a film
A time of someones life in which someone changes phases, usually from child to adult
A rapidly edited sequence of images to show a series of events
When the audience agrees that something is not real and they don't try to over analyze it
Blurring of all objects to focus on one desired range of distances
Shots sketched in advance before filming in sequence to prepare for a shoot
Uninterfering documentary filmmaking that is very straightforward
Alternating shots between two different scenes put together through editing
Variation of a specific shot, usually one of many
Commentary by a character that conveys thoughts or memories
An original type from which similar things are patterned; usually of a genre
When the audience agrees with the director to accept certain fake things as real
Empty or blank space in a frame
The elements that are continuous between two shots in a sequence- the technique that creates this
A film characterized by restraint
A shot that is taken from a distance
A comparison between two unlike things to mean something else
The theory that states the director is the major creator of film art and the project
The type of lighting that emphasizes dramatic colors and shifts
Images recorded continuously form the time the camera starts to the time it stops
The splicing of shots together to form a cohesive film
When a filmmaker allows too much light to enter the lens
Box-office value of the production of a film
A shot taken by a moving, sometimes shaky camera
A usually long shot from the outdoors that sets up a scene and shows the surroundings
The cameras position in the way it is facing, whether it be up down left or right
The distinguishment a viewer makes between artistic and external reality
A shot that is filmed for a long time
When a director emphasizes aesthetic forms over the subject matter- the opposite of realism
Interruption from the present in a film to visit the past
Strong is story, star, and production value. Always has a nice lead rising to a climax, and has a shape that looks like a mountain.
An object which has significance beyond its literal meaning
The first edit of a movie, like a rough draft
Implications beneath the dialogue of a movie
Supernatural visual elements added to a film created by computers and technology
A shot of a characters response to a previous shot
Term for the arrangement of objects in the shot and in the scene
Light that comes from the rear and makes front elements look dark
A style of filmmaking that emphasizes distortion and lyricism (not avant-garde)
A style that attempts to duplicate reality as it is perceived by many people rather than create a reality
Genre about darkness, dread, paranoia, and mystery
A style of film characterized by certain conventions
A film of heroic proportions that are usually larger than life; it is a genre
The use of a well known cultural icon to suggest an idea
Detailed camera shot of a thing, if it is a person usually their head
Person responsible for creating sets and prop elements
When a film completely represents something else in its story
A reference to a cultural event or another film or piece of literature
When a director is very stylistic and emphasizes beauty
When a movie is very obscure with unconventional ideas
When a shot is taken through the eyes of a character
A montage in which shots are linked together by symbolic association rather than a narrative
Shots created in the daytime that have filters on them that make them look like it is night
When a camera revolves around or across a scene

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