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What they didPerson
The most vigorous New Kingdom pharaoh, dominated the coastal regions of the Mediterranean as well as north Africa
The first and only woman pharaoh of Egypt
The indian emperor who slowly took over all of northern India whose grandson was the greatest emperor
Created 'Rule' for the monastic community which called for monks to spend their time doing prayer meditation and work
Wanted to become the only emperor after tetrarchs, consolidated power, built new capital city; Constantinople
Created rules of logic in order to explain life's mysteries, wrote about biology, physics, astronomy, psychology, politics and literature.
The greatest Achaemenid emperor who had the empire at it's largest
Served as chief minister to the duke of the Qin state whose policies were written in 'The Book of Lord Shang'
Created a law code on tablets and created high standards for behavior in Sumer
Traveled in search of Christian converts, the first Christian missonary
Nephew of Marius, invaded Gaul, was assassinated by his fellow congressmen
United Upper and Lower Egypt into one
The 'Martial emperor' who wanted centralization and expansion
The most important early Sufi muslim, argued human reason was too frail to understand Allah
The second emperor of the Sui dynasty, completed the Grand Canal
The ruler of China who started the Han dynasty in the middle of his rule
Launched the Persian imperial venture and made the first conquests of the empire
Forged a compromise between Athenian classes and forbade debt slavery- an Athenian leader
The creator of Islam, discovered Allah
The son of the greatest Achaemenid emperor who took over after he died
The 'socialist emperor' who took over the throne after the people said he was more effective than the Han
A lesbian Greek poet
The most succesful Xiongnu leader who brought military discipline to them
Nephew of Julius Caesar who defeated Mark Antony and then got the title Augustus from the senate
Divided the roman empire into two districts, hoped the tetrarchs could govern better then one emperor
Joined forces with Cleopatra and lost in a naval battle at Actium
Taught there was only one God and brought the Ten Commandments down from Mount Sainai
What they didPerson
The wife of an early important Byzantine emperor, helped influence his dicisions, was a prostitute
The prophet who discovered Ahura Mazda and invented Zoroastrianism
Kept the Carolingian empire together, lost control of counts and local authorities, not as powerful as his father
A Confucian scholar who emphasized the value of Li and also was a government administrator
Creator of the first empire in Mesopotamia
Roman general who allied with conservative and aristocratic classes
A Legalist scholar who reviewed ideas from all political thinkers in China
The advisor to Chandragupta Maurya who wrote his advice in the book 'Arthashastra'
The first Song emperor, put his generals to retire honorably to prevent them from displacing him
The 'Master Philosopher King' whose teachings are compiled in the Analects
Invaded Persia, took over India, controlled Greece, a great conqueror
Overcame the clans and became ruler of Macedon, wanted all of Greece, was killed by an Assassin
Founded the Carolingian dynasty, turned back the Muslims at Tours, never ruled as king of the Franks
The favorite wife of Wu Ding, who was buried in the best tomb
The chief leader of the Umayyad rebellion who was a descendent of Muhammad's uncle
Byzantine missionaries who went to Russia and convinced Russian people to convert to Christianity
The first emperor of the Qin dynasty who burned most of the books in the state
Created social reform in the Roman republic, had little succes
The sister of the writer of 'Rule' who wrote an adaption for religious women
Presented his thought in a series of dialogues, came up with the 'Forms or Ideas' concept, taught Aristotle
The most popular poet of the Tang era, wrote about life, friendship, and wine
Ruled the New Babylonian empire and had a lavish capital city there
Protagonist/king in a great epic along with his friend Enkidu
The main creator of Athenian democracy and believed Athens was 'the education of Greece'
Brought China under centralized rule and began Sui dynasty
Confucian philosopher who wrote 'Family Rituals' and provided instructions for family ceremonies
The supposed creators of Rome raised by wolves
What they didPerson
The Sasanid ruler under which the empire ended
Founded Bhuddhism and was born into a rich family but ran away once he discovered suffering
Adopted Stoic values and made Stoicism the most prominent school of thought in Rome
Wanted to understand human nature, said honor was more important then anything else, taught Plato
The most important early Byzantine emperor; married to Theodora, codified Roman law
Began the Jainist religion and became known as Jina
The patriarch of Constantinople, created rules for Byzantine Monasticism, became a saint
Provided Church with a sense of direction, asserted Papal primacy, wanted to control England and eventually got it in the hold of the Church
Spoke about the Confucian school during the Warring States Period and put emphasis on the value of ren
The prophet who started Manichaeism, blended Zoroastrian, Christian, and Bhuddist elements
Pope who bestowed emperorship on Charlemagne on Christmas Day
The Russian Prince who converted to Orthodox Christianity and ordered his subjects to follow his example
Ruled the Franks and wiped out the last parts of Rome in Gaul
Extremely intelligent Frankish king who had a capital at Aachen and became the Emperor as prclaimed by the Pope
Roman general who sided with social reformers who advocated distribution of land
The most successful local lord who ended the Magyar threat and became emperor via the Pope
The second Tang emperor, murdered two of his brothers to get to the throne, built a city at Chang'an, saw himself as a Confuciann ruler
The general who made Byzantine conquests for Justinian, re-conquered most of old Roman empire
The wife of the first major Frankish leader who convinced him to convert to Christianity
Began the Christian religion, was crucified
Bishop of Hippo, converted to Christianity, wrote about Christianity and made it a logically sound religion
Germanic general who deposed the last Roman emperor
The Shang king who had 64 wives
The most successful Abbasid caliph, provided support for artists and writers
The greatest Mauryan emperor who took over all of the territory in and around India; better known as a governor then a conqueror
The only egyptian pharaoh not to follow the normal religious traditions of Egypt, also created a new capital city

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