Dragon Age: Origins Specializations

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AblitiesClassStarting Class
A rogue that can dissapear, the reappear at the enemy's blind side to deliver fatal blows, Zevran is one
a mage who uses the power of lifeforce, rather then mana, to power her spells
a mage that forsakes staves and robes to augment their magic with sword and sheild
warrior that can destroy mages, Alistair is one
A master of the battlefield that can rally allies, Loghain is one
A rogue that ducks in and out of an enemy's range, striking when the enemy is vulnerable
a rogue that can summon the beasts of the wilds to assist in battle
a mage that calls upon the benevolent souls of the fade to heal the party, Wynne is one
A dark warrior that destroy's an enemy's will to fight
A rogue that employ's songs to boost morale, Leliana is one
Warrior that uses rage to destroy enemies, Oghren is one
a mage that can change their form to resemble a creature of the wilds, Morrigan is one

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