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Position (Season*)CharacterActor
District Attorney (1-10)Steven Hill
District Attorney (11-12)Dianne Wiest
District Attorney (13-17)Fred Dalton Thompson
Executive ADA (5-17)/District Attorney (18-20)Sam Waterston
Executive ADA (1-4)Michael Moriarty
Executive ADA (18-20)Linus Roache
Assistant DA (1-3)Richard Brooks
Assistant DA (4-6)Jill Hennessy
Assistant DA (7-8)Carey Lowell
Assistant DA (9-11)Angie Harmon
Assistant DA (12-14)Elisabeth Röhm
Assistant DA (15-16)Annie Parisse
Assistant DA (17-20)Alana de la Garza
Position (Season*)CharacterActor
Police Commanding Officer (1-3)Dann Florek
Police Commanding Officer (4-20)S. Epatha Merkerson
Senior Detective (1)George Dzundza
Senior Detective (2-3)Paul Sorvino
Senior Detective (4-14)Jerry Orbach
Senior Detective (15-16)Dennis Farina
Senior Detective (17-18)/Junior Detective (10-14, 16)Jesse L. Martin
Senior Detective (19-20)/Junior Detective (18)Jeremy Sisto
Junior Detective (1-5)Chris Noth
Junior Detective (6-9)Benjamin Bratt
Junior Detective (15)Michael Imperioli
Junior Detective (17)Milena Govich
Junior Detective (19-20)Anthony Andersen

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