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'It's got the body of a _____, and the mind of a _____.'
'Yes Dougal, but you're different from most people. All that happened to you was that _____ kept sticking to you.'
'As for this.. cabbage! The mere idea of letting him back into the real world after the _____ Incident..'
'What have you got planned?' 'I shouldn't say - that'd be giving you an advantage.' '_____ _____?'
'NUNS! _____! _____!'
'Imagine, Ted! A ____ _____! It should have been Jack!'
'No thanks, Mrs Doyle.' 'Are you sure, Father? There's ____ in it!'
'Don't drink that, Father, it's - ' 'Feckin' _____!'
'Now Jack, today we're going to have a few _____ lessons.'
'Who do you prefer? ____ or _____?'
'Where are you going with your _____ blowing in the wind?'
'Rats! Hairy _____ bastards!'
'You really should get a haircut. You don't want to go too far down that _____ _____ road.'
QuoteMissing Word(s)
'The Pope closed down a lot of the factories makin' the potatoes and turned them into _____ _____ ______.'
'Chair! Curtains! Floor! _____!'
'While you were out, I got the keys to your car and drove it into a ____ ______, and if you don't like it, tough!'
'Funny isn't it, Ted, Our Lady appearing on a ____ _____ like that.'
'Maybe he's agorophobic.' 'Jack scared of _____? I don't think so, Ted.'
'As if magic, I can create a big crowd of _____ _____.'
'I'm havin' to ____ meself off 'round the clock 'cause I can't get any proper sex with girls!'
'Now Father, this chart was given to me by Slovakia's premier lens manufacturers, _____ Industries.'
'I've just been speaking to Father Ned Fitzmorris. He tripped on a paving stone and one of his _____ fell off.'
'Ah, the _____ awakes!'
'They lie in wait like _____! The smell of blood in their ______!'
'Imagine blowing your head off with a _____. How'd he manage to survive that?'

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