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Can you name the details about Bruce Springsteen's song 'Jungleland'?

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Who had a homecoming?
Who drove 'his sleek machine'?
Across what?
Where was the Barefoot Girl sitting?
Where did the police chase them?
Where will the midnight gang meet?
What's out on the turnpike?
What's going on in the alley?
What do kids flash?
...just like what?
Who explode into rock-and-roll bands?
Where are the visionaries?
In what are they dressed?
Where are girls dancing?
What's happening beneath the city?
Where is there surrender?
What happens there?
What's happening to the street? what?
What do the poets down here write?
What do they try to do in the quick of the night?
...but how do they end up?
BONUS: What album is the song from?
BONUS: What year was it released?
BONUS: Who played on it other than Springsteen? (Name any one musician)

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