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Julian the331?-363
John thec. 6 BC-c. 36 AD
Edward the1330-1376
Ivar thed. 873
Basil the958-1025
Edward the1003-1066
William the1028-1087
Edward the874-924
Philip the1268-1314
Charles the839-888
Henry the876-936
Andre the 1946-1993
Athelstan the 895-939
Haakon the920-961
Alexander the356 BC-323 BC
Selim the1465-1520
Olaf the995-1030
Vlad the1431-1476
Carlos the 1949-
Louis the1601-1643
Billy the1859-1881
Timur the1336-1405
Llywelyn the1223-1282
James the1st century AD
Richard the1157-1199
Suleiman the1494-1566
Stan the1920- and 1922-
Henry the1394-1460
Louis the778-840
Joe the1973-
Paul the2008-
Erik the950-1003
Jack the fl. 1888
Sam the1937-
Pepin the714-768
William the1533-1584
Charles the879-929
Vseslav the1039-1101
Louis the846-879
Ivan the1530-1584
Bayezid the1360-1403
Ethelred the968-1016
Alfonso the1221-1284
William Pitt the1759-1806
Henry the1155-1183

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