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Can you name the people on the obverse of commonly circulated American money?

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Cent (1909-present)coin
Nickel (1938-present)coin
Dime (1946-present)coin
Quarter (1932,1934-present)coin
*Half (1948-1963)coin
Half (1964-1974, 1976-present)coin
Dollar (2000-present)coin
Dollar (1979-1981,1999)coin
*Dollar (1971-1974,1976-1978)coin
Two Dollarbill
Five Dollarbill
Ten Dollarbill
Twenty Dollarbill
Fifty Dollarbill
Hundred Dollarbill
*Five Hundred Dollarbill
*Thousand Dollarbill
*Five Thousand Dollarbill
*Ten Thousand Dollarbill
**Hundred Thousand Dollarbill

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