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serving to distinguish or characterize, particularly when identifying disease
the study of form or structure
understanding and sharing another's experience
a sense of right and wrong with the urge to do the right
a statement that seems contradictory but may, in fact, be true
the quality/element that stirs up pity or sorrow in a person
a characteristic, element or factor ; a quality that gives form to the thing it characterizes
describes the living together of two kinds of organisms to their mutual advantage
feeling sorrow for someone else
an example or model ; a set notion or belief
noisy, loud, boisterous
a model of perfection or virtue (goodness)
a microorganism that causes disease
know, learn
governed by one's conscience to do the right thing
heat from the center of the earth
beside, beyond, helping accessory
living things
leading to improvement ; positive
geographical and political factors that influence a nation
the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment
feeling, suffering
the mental process of knowing, of awareness, perception, reasoning, and judgement
the removal of living bits of tissue for diagnoisis
the science that deals with the history, origin, and characteristics of plants and animals (living things)
to inform or convey knowledge or information
pertaining to or possesing knowledge
when the earth and its inhabitants are the center of a belief or idea
shape, form figure, appereance
a change of form, structure, substance, or function
to build
to talk, call, speak, say
to block up or stop up
a supporter of a cause
something that cannot be destroyed
a large, formal assembly
an activity taken up in one's spare time
capable of being readily decomposed be the action of microbes
describes the attribution (giving) human characteristics to gods or animals
a trade or career ; the career one feels 'called' to do

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