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Ray's only sibling. He's a policeman for NYPD.Barone
Wife of Ray. Stay at Home mom. Is often called: 'The yeller of the family'Barone
Rays parents' 'dearest friends'?
Twin sons of Ray and DebraBarone
Ray and Robert's meddling mom. Loves to cook and clean.Barone
main character of show. name in title. sports writer.Barone
Daughter of Ray and DebraBarone
Second wife of Robert. MacDougall
Ray and Robert's obnoxious father. He fought in the Korean War. Always speaks his mindBarone
Amy's kind and caring parent. Very religous Christians.MacDougall
Debra's globetrotting parents. Whelan
Ray's 'Archnemesis'. Beat Ray up over cookies. Ardolino

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