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Five fiesty frogs fell from the fourth floor.
Scar in 'The Lion King'
The old man thought about his childhood.
She thought the world would end when she broke her nail.
The basketball player and the oompa-loompa played one-on-one.
The flute in 'Death of a Salesman'
Her eyes were glistening jewels.
Sally is not unattractive.
The warm sand, bright sun, and crystal water looked like paradise to the couple from New York.
Blondes are stupid.
The crowded room, noisy parents, and obnoxious children partied all night long.
The tree swayed like a dancer.
Do you love Mr. Mulhall?
He ate like a pig.
Hurricane Katrina was just another storm.
The boat has a hole in the bottom.
Larry, had a long beard, a brown hat, and freckles.
The couple seemed to be arguing about something very important.
The girl walked into the room right after we finished talking about her.

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