American Idol 11 Top 13 Songs (3/7/12_

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Can you name the the songs sung by the top 13 finalists on American Idol on March 7th?

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Joshua LedetStevie Wonder
Elise TestoneWhitney Houston
Jermaine JonesStevie Wonder
Erika Van PeltWhitney Houston (Four Tops Cover)
Colton DixonStevie Wonder
Shannon MagraneWhitney Houston
Deandre BrackensickStevie Wonder
Skylar LaneWhitney Houston
Heejun HanStevie Wonder
Hollie CavanaghWhitney Houston (Linda Clifford Cover)
Jeremy RosadoStevie Wonder
Jessica SanchezWhitney Houston (Dolly Parton Cover)
Phillip PhillipsStevie Wonder

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