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Famous US Treasurer, co-author of the Federalist Papers, one of the leading Federalists, and loser of a duel
Co-author of the Federalist Papers, Negotiator of unpopular treaty with Britain
Tecumseh's brother who led an Indian culture revival
Second President of the US, Federalist, avoided war with France
First President of the US
President that asked Congress for the War of 1812, co-author of the Federalist Papers, Democratic Republican President
American Ambassador to Spain who negotiated the Treaty of San Lorenzo
Creator of the Truman Doctrine (hint hint)
Wife of John Adams and proponent of women's rights
US expert diplomat, sixth US President, son of John Adams
DescriptionPersonExtra Info
Two famous explorers who journeyed through the new Louisiana Territory
French government representative sent to America to ask for assistance
War Hawk Leader, Great Compromiser, major proponent of the American System
Influential Federalist Chief Justice, establisher of judicial review
Great Indian chief who unified area tribes during the War of 1812
One of Adams's midnight appointees who sued Madison for refusing his seat on the bench
Vice President to Thomas Jefferson, cause of the Twelfth Ammendment, killer of Hamilton
Washington's Secretary of State, author of the Declaration of Independence, third US President, a prominent Democratic Republican
Warhawk leader (not Clay)
Fifth US President, diplomat to France to organize Louisiana Purchase, presider during Era of Good Feelings

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