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Idea that slaveowners controlled the government
Fort in South Carolina that the South attacked and captured
Idea of people in territory voting for or against slavery
Southern reason for seceding
Nation (or maybe not) that Davis led
The Draft
Treaty with British splitting the Oregon Territory
Book that 'started this great war'
Lincoln's VP
Expansionist president who campaigned with '54'40 or Fight'
Accused lincoln of intentionally starting the war to destroy the South
Increased amount of money in circulation
Pummeled Charles Sumner on the head with a cane
First federally created social institution
Failed slave rebellion that got John Brown hanged
Lincoln's Reconstruction Plan
New party formed of Northern Democrats and Free-Soilers
Ammendment passed forcing Southern states to enfranchise blacks
Overcharging the government for supplies
Acts that gave partial emancipation
Enforced martial law on the South
Exhibition of Total War
Thousands of proslavery Missourians who relocated to Kansas
Southern president who tried to keep the status quo and prevent secession
Led a raid on Harper's Ferry
Another name for Bleeding Kansas
Ammendment that prohibited slavery
Idea of popular sovereignty over slavery
Congressional Reconstruction Bill
QuestionAnswerExtra Info
Laws passed to weaken the Fugitive Slave Act
Moderate president
Regional, single-issue party
Hatred of foreigners
Nondescript military hero president
Treaty ending Mexican War
Secretive party that nearly became major opponent of Democrats
Economic system that replaced slavery
Ammendment with 6 points regarding Reconstruction
Pro-states' rights opponent to Lincoln in Illinois Senate Race
Compromise that provided for a fugitive slave act
Another name for American Party
Johnson's public speaking tour
Act that forced US citizens to help find and return runaway slaves
Court case in which judicial review was used to call Missouri Compromise unconstitutional
Territories given up by Mexico in exchange for $15 million
Ended Reconstruction by giving Hayes the presidency
Negotiation regarding Thirteenth Ammendment
Group that attacked supporters of Reconstruction
War America fought to gain large amounts of territory in the Southwest
President who began the Gilded Age and had many scandals
President that gave the Emancipation Proclamation
Lincoln's Proclamation that started towards Emancipation
Fighting in Kansas because of the popular sovereignty
Name a major example of corruption in Grant's presidency (two answers)
Congressional bill prohibiting the extension of slavery into any territory gained from Mexico
Act based on popular sovereignty that cased Bleeding Kansas
President of the Confederacy

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