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African Americans who migrated from the South to begin a new life in Kansas1876-1880
event that exposed the working conditions of industrial workersmostly women
book on urban poverty by Jacob Riis1890
shift to immigrants from Southern to Eastern Europe1880s- 1920s
treated poverty as a social problem rather than justifying itWashington Gladden
case that ruled 'seperate but equal'1896
journalism with the explicit intent of exposing social injusticesIda Tarbel, Upton Sinclair
founded in 1890 by Susan B. AnthonyCarrie C. Catt
application of Darwin's laws of evolution and natural selection to societyindustrialists
who came up with the name the 'Gilded Age'1868- 1896
banned further Chinese immigration to the U.S.1882
divided tribal plots into individual holdings1887

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