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Belief that America has a mission to be a beacon of hope and democracy for the rest of the world.ideals
where did Native Americans supposedly originally come from?geography
what religious view did the Native Americans possess?religion
the Spanish viewed the Natives asideals
killed the majority of Native Americansvia Europeans
first British colony founded in America in 1607geography
Colony for debtors and non violent prisonersJames Oglethorpe (1773)
belief that God has chosen an elect for salvation before they were bornPuritans
Puritan's persecution and execution of nineteen residents of Salem1692-93
Where the majority of slaves were transported toTriangular Trade
event that marked shift from indentured servants to slave labor1676
were women treated better in New England or the Chesapeake?population
series of religious revivals that swept across the coloniesreligion
pamphlet that urged Americans to reject British sovereigntyThomas Paine (1776)
first notable African American poetliterature

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