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This is the first thing your eye goes to based on the light, movement and color of the subjects
This is when the audience has been given enough time to assimilate the information on the screen. A general principle is to edit at the peak of this term
This type of film editing alternates shoots from one scene with another. it usually conveys a sense of simultaneous time.
A camera angle that creates a sense of power and authority on a subject.
These filmmakers specialize in films where nothing seems to be moving
These shots are filmed to match up to the first shot filmed
Relating to the intrinsic meanings of movement, what camera movement relates to grief, death, insignificance, or weakness
this type of filming technique is defined by the amount of subject matter within frame
This technique allows you to change the shape of the frame with and object such as head and shoulder
Relating to the Intrinsic meanings of movement, what camera movement suggests joy, power, and aspiration?
A type of shot that is good for conveying emotion
This is not the dominant, but it catches your eye because t is dramatically important (a gun)
A type of film that corresponds with avant-garde films
A type of film lighting that has high contrast between light and dark areas. Chiaroscuro effect. It can heighten tension and create mystery
A combination of objective and subjective shots
A point of view shot from a neutral observer, not a character in the film
When formatting a film, this technique shrinks the frame to fit the new screen and puts a box at the top and the bottom of the screen
A camera angle that is least minipulative and is favored by realist filmmakers
In 3-point lighting, this is the light that softens hard edges of the key light, usually on the opposite side
In 3-point lighting, this is the main source of light (usually at a 45 degree angle)
This is a frame or harness that a camerman wears with the camera in order to keep it steady
This is the first shot filmed in a scene and includes the entire scene, beginning to end
One lighting effect that is soft and ethereal, it gives the 'halo effect'
A type of film lighting that has little contrast and can imply cheerfulness. Its often used in comedies and musicals
a camera angle that is directly overhead of the suject
A type of film that corresponds with fiction films
The natural lighting of the last hour of daylight. It can be romantic or magical in movies
A type of shot that is most effective in epic films. Gives you a large scope on the location of the movie.
This french phrase litterally translates to 'placing on the stage'. It relates to the composition and the arrangement of visual weights
This moving camera shot is taken from a moving vehicle.
These films are concerned with depth and detail as well as the implication of events
A lateral tilt of the camera, skewed horizon
A type of shot in which everything is in focus
This moving camera shot is a verticle movement and is stationary at a horizontal point. often used for point of view shots, ex: checking someone out
A type of shot that has an audience/stage relationship. it shows the relationship among characters and enviorment
These films are concerned with big events and a sense of sweep and breadth
This is a moving camera shot that has no actualy movement of the camera itself. It involved sudden magnification of the subject
This filmmaker was considered the greatest editor in the history of cinema and is famous for his pre-cut scripts and storyboards
This is a circular masking device
A type of film that corresponds with documentaries
This is the most favored out of the five basic positions for actors in relation to the camera
This moving camera shot is a horizontal scan with a stationary axiz point. often follows a character.
When the lighting in a movie is different in the beginning of film compared to the end.
A camera angle that can reduce the importance of the subject and makes them seem harmless/insignificant
This type of mechanical distortion (ex: slow motion, fast motion, ect) is used in the matrix
A type of shot that shows the human body in full
A point of view shot from the perspective of a character within a movie.
A type of shot that is from the knees or waist up
This film movement came out of Italy after WWI. They favored real life people with real life situations

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