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The first ever motion picture camera, weighed 500 lbs
This film sparked a western reneissance in 1939
the phenomenon where an afterimage is thought to persist for ~1/25th of a second on the retina .
This is the screen that showed the films. It was a box like machine
director of 'The last laugh'
The director of 'It Happened one Night' and the year it came out
the director of 'citizen kane' and the year it came out
a series of pictures that form an animation when spun. To view as an animation, the user spins the disks and looks through the slits. Can only be used by one person at a time. 1932
Edwin Porter's basic unit of film
one of the first public films ever. it was ~15 seconds long.
Early French documentaries
The first movie to contantly be using the moving camera (pans)
A much more portable motion picture camera that brought on higher documentary value
The director of 'The great train robbery' He was the first to make his basic unit of film the shot.
This man came up with the idea to add picture to music. He had a great influence on the invention of the first motion picture camera.
the director of 'A Trip to the moon' 1902. He was the first to discover the narrative potential of film. He was the first to edit in between scenes. His basic unit of film was the
He directed 'Some like it Hot' and the year it came out
He owned the first ever kinetoscope parlor. He was the first man to profit money from movies.
The director of 'Stagecoach' and the year it came out
scene that contains a baby in a stroller, rolling backwards down stairs. soldiers (whos faces you can not see) are shooting civillians
director of battleship potemkin
a disk with two pictures on each side that are connected to two strings. when spun, the images appear to blend together. ex: bird on one side, cage on other = caged bird when spun.
The director of 'The Birth of a Nation' He was also considered 'The father of hollywood'
two french brothers that studied the kinetograph and the kinetoscope. they came to inventing the cinematograph
This was the first ever movie studio. A section of the roof was missing for sunlight and it was built on a circular track.
This actor/director was one of of the only to went on to be successful as soon as movies had sound.
This accidental movie marked the birth of the motion picture trick (or in other words, visual effects)
the famous scene 'odessa step sequence' is from this movie
one of the oldest screen genres
a cylinder with slts cut vertically on the sides. on the inside there are a series of pictures on the inside. when the cylinder is moving it appears the animation is moving. This c
'The inventor of photography' although controversial. He is from france.
how much did the cinematograph weigh?
He was hired by gov. leland stanford. Stanford bet that all 4 of a horses hoofs leave the ground while running. This man proved it by setting up 12 electronically operated cameras.
he was a very influential western filmmaker is the 1970's, gaining fame from his 1969 western epic, 'The Wild Bunch'
He invented the kinetograph

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