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Significant EventWho?Regeneration
Told Sally Sparrow not to blinkAbsorbs radiation whilst saving Wilf
Met his future incarnation in the TARDIS, but believes he is a fanDies from Spectrox Toxemia on Androzani Minor
Aids River Song with escaping from the ByzantiumUnknown
Travelled back to the genesis of the Daleks in an attempt to prevent them from being createdFalls from the Pharos Project and merges with the Watcher
Was the first Doctor to meet the RaniThe Rani shoots down the TARDIS causing the Doctor to regenerate
Met the Slitheen family in 10 Downing StreetAbsorbs the Time Vortex, destroying every cell in his body
Was the first Doctor to encounter the SiluriansKilled by a wave of deadly radiation from the crystals on Metabelis Three
Had a run in with a yetiWas forced to regenerate by the Time Lords
Discovers the evolution of Homo sapiens : The HaemovoresShot by a gang member, then suffers a heart attack while being operated on in hospital
Defeated the Cybermen, who were on Mondas, with Ben and PollyCollapsed on the floor of the TARDIS and dies, apparently due to old age and exhaustion.
Stopped the Master, who was sucked into the Eye of HarmonyUnknown

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