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Can you name the prizes won by these Nobel Laureates?

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Nobel LaureateCategory
George Smoot (2006)
Winston Churchill (1953)
W. B. Yeats (1923)
Thomas Mann (1929)
Marie Curie (1911)
Barbara McClintock (1983)
Rudyard Kipling (1907)
Francis Crick (1962)
Alexander Fleming (1945)
James M. Buchanan (1986)
Francis Peyton Rous (1966)
Hermann Joseph Muller (1946)
John Forbes Nash (1994)
Albert Einstein (1921)
William Faulkner (1949)
Mother Teresa (1979)
Theodore Roosevelt (1906)
Linus Pauling (1954)
F. W. de Klerk (1993)
Carl Wieman (1995)
Milton Friedman (1976)
Doris Lessing (2007)
John Steinbeck (1962)
Mairead Corrigan (1976)
John Boyd Orr (1949)
Nobel LaureateCategory
Rita Levi-Montalcini (1986)
Hartmut Michel (1988)
William Golding (1983)
Carl Bosch (1931)
Elinor Ostrom (2009)
Aaron Klug (1992)
Georges Charpak (1992)
Al Gore (2007)
Frits Zernike (1953)
Ernest Rutherford (1908)
Robert Hofstadter (1961)
Niels Bohr (1922)
Henri La Fontaine (1913)
Max Planck (1918)
Werner Heisenberg (1932)
Robert Burns Woodward (1965)
Enrico Fermi (1938)
Bertrand Russell (1950)
Desmond Tutu (1984)
Tenzin Gyatso (1989)
Richard Smalley (1996)
Robert Koch (1905)
Mo Yan (2012)
Martin Luther King Jr. (1964)
Ivan Pavlov (1904)

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