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ClueWordLiteral translation
Appetizer (drink)
Long type of bread
Something disliked
Small restaurant
Type of road
Form of variety entertainment
Something smoked
Hackneyed or stereotypical
Exclusive social group
Type of car
Dead end street
First appearance
The feeling that a past experience is repeating
Personal hygiene device
One of the courses of a meal
Person starting a new business
Investigative journalism
Front of a building
Seductive, but dangerous, woman
A cut of beef
A competition or series (typically racing)
Appetizer (food)
ClueWordLiteral translation
Decorative plant holder
(Dangerous?) Communication between two parties
Luxury car
Women's underwear
Head waiter
Woman's nightgown
Artistic work – a medley or imitation
Type of spectacles
Word created by combing two others
First performance or screening
14th - 17th century cultural movement
A person's skill set
Liquid served on food
Keepsake, often bought by tourists
Big Brother?
Quality of a musical note
Acknowledgement of a hit in fencing, or of a witty remark.
Device to constrict blood flow
Small settlement or community

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