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Stranded at the station, and my mind caught the last train for the coast
Put me on a westbound train, An' ship me off in the pourin' rain
Flipped off that coach left that school in the dust
No I ain't sayin' I'll never die but 'til I do I'm on borrowed time
I love sleeping in on Saturdays
She was my best friend, and it broke my heart, but I dont regret the day she became
Our best blue jeans have Skoal rings, we wear our boots to church
I got a night in jail and pissed old man
Every life owes a death, thats what the Bible says
Man, this life has sure been a mother
Changed my cause, but my definition of change just ain't the same
Keep your mouth shut, and carry a big stick
We sit on his headstone with a fifth of Jack D
That ol' house is in the rear view: ridin' shotgun is her ghost
She was pacin' back and forth on her front porch
I've got a hard head, I get that from my Dad
Yeah I tried like hell to hook her on the Man in Black
Like the time they hid that grass from those cops in Tupavo
Yeah, the scars on these knuckles match the scuffs on these cowboy boots
Regrets been known to give a man a beatin', but I ain't in the mood for fighting back this evenin'
You sing about Johnny Cash, The Man In Black would'a whipped your ass

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