Presidential Resumes

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Can you name the President based on the jobs they held before becoming President?

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Community organizer; Law school professor; State Senator; Senator
Naval officer; Peanut farmer; State Senator; Governor
Clerical Worker; Lawyer; Asst. District Attorney; Sheriff; Mayor; Governor
Lifeguard; Soldier; Broadcaster; Actor; SAG President; Governor
Oil company owner; Baseball team owner; campaign advisor; Governor
Mining Engineer; Humanitarian; Secretary of Commerce
Lawyer; Naval officer; Congressman; Senator; Vice President; Lawyer/Writer
Football/Boxing coach; Lawyer; Naval officer; Congressman; Vice President
Soldier; Lawyer; Congressman; Senator; Judge; Plantation owner; General
Historian; Assemblyman; Rancher; Police Commissioner; Asst. Secretary of the Navy; Governor; Vice President
Riverboat trader; Postmaster; State Legislator; Congressman; Lawyer
Lawyer; College professor; University President; Governor
Teacher; Lawyer; Delegate; Author; Ambassador; Vice President
Fighter Pilot; Oil Executive; Congressman; UN Ambassador; RNC Chairman; CIA Director; Professor; Vice President
Soldier; Haberdasher; Judge; Senator; Vice President
Prosecutor; Solicitor General; Judge; Secretary of War
Newspaper owner; Lt. Governor; Senator
School Principal; Brigadier General; Port Collector; Vice President
Ambassador; Lawyer; Senator; Ambassador; Secretary of State
Surveyor; Military Commander; Plantation Owner; Delegate; Commander in Chief

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