Presidential Legislation

Random History or US Presidents Quiz

Can you name the President who signed these pieces of legislation?

Updated Dec 15, 2013

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American Housing Act, Foreign Assistance Act (Marshall Plan), Presidential Succession Act
Isthmian Canal Act, Pure Food and Drug Act, Admission of the state of Oklahoma
Indian Removal Act, Veto of the National Bank, Compromise Tariff
Clayton Antitrust Act, Espionage Act, Federal Reserve Act
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Consumer Protection Act
Fugitive Slave Act, Organization of the Utah Territory, Donation Land Claim Act
Communist Control Act, Federal-Aid Highway Act, Federal Aviation Act
Homeland Security Act, Unborn Victims of Violence Act, Emergency Economic Stabilization Act
Economic Stabilization Act, Reorganization Plan Number 3 (Creation of the EPA), Federal Election Campaign Act
Embargo Act, Cumberland Road, Slave Trade Prohibition Act
Naturalization Act, Klu Klux Act, Yellowstone Act
Civil Rights Act, Voting Rights Act, Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
Texas Annexation, Declaration of War with Mexico, Oregon Treaty
Chinese Exclusion Act, Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act, Edmunds Act
Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, Line-Item Veto Act, Defense of Marriage Act
Hawley-Smoot Tarriff, Norris-LaGuardia Act, Federal Home Loan Bank Act
Confiscation Act, Pacific Railway Act, Freedmen's Bureau Bill
Judiciary Act, Whiskey Act, Residence Act
Blaine Act, Tennessee Valley Authority Act, Lend Lease Act
Goldwater-Nichols Act, Tax Reform Act, Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty

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