The King Is Dead!

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Can you name the countries, given the name and final year of their last monarch?

Featured Feb 15, 2011

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YearCountryLast Monarch
1886Thibaw Min
1922Mehmed VI
1572Tupac Amaru
1946Umberto II
1979Reza Pahlavi
1453Constantine XI Palaiologos
1804Francis II
2008Gyanendra Shah
1917Nicholas II
1916Yuan Shikai
1918Charles I
1910Manuel II
1973Constantine II
YearCountryLast Monarch
1795Stanisław II
1974Haile Selassie I*
1918Wilhelm II
1924Bogd Khan
476Romulus Augustus
1973Mohammed Zahir Shah
1867Maximilien I
1945Bảo Đại
931 BCERehoboam
1939Zog I
1958Faisal II
1870Napoleon III
1961Kigeli V

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