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Can you name the candidates for TIME Magazine's Person of the Year Award?

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Forced Order
Description or TitlePerson
24 year old pop sensation, 'Born This Way' album scheduled for 2011
Survived 52 days trapped at the bottom of a mineshaft (group)
Forward for the 2010-2011 Miami Heat
Co-Owners of an eponymous Kansas-based Industrial company, Libertarian political activists
Female heads of the FDIC, SEC, and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Geneticist, recently-announced creator of the first synthetic life form
Outgoing Speaker of the US House of Representatives
President of the People's Republic of China
Religious figure, planner of the Park51 development in Lower Manhattan
FOX News Personality, Organizer of the 'Rally to Restore Honor'
US Secretary of Education
Prime Minister of Turkey
Hosts of two satirical news programs on Comdey Central
Description or TitlePerson
Author of 'The Corrections' and 'Freedom'
Former CEO of British Petroleum (BP)
Nearly 10% of the American population, as of the last Bureau of Labor Statistics Report
Founder and CEO of WikiLeaks.org
President of Afghanistan
US Secretary of Defense
Founder and CEO of Facebook
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Former Governor of Alaska and 2008 Republic Vice Presidential Candidate
CEO of Apple Computers
President of the United States
Chinese Dissident, 2010 Nobel Laureate for Peace

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