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Germany's pre-Euro currency
First to consistently use paper bills
Commonly used as currency in ancient Egypt
Picnic term for exchange of items in American colonies
The year the U.S. copper penny began to include zinc
The city on the back of the US $100
County has ATMs that hot press your bills
Greenback used during this Presidency
The Crusades helped this system emerge in Europe
God of this empire gives us the word 'money'
Country's currency that gave us the U.S. dollar sign
One dollar coin called the 'Loonie'
Wall Street named for wall built by this county's colonists
First coins in ancient world shaped like this animal
Skins used as money gave rise to this nickname
Also called the Bharat
U.S. Colony to accept wampum as legal tender
Once used the Lira
This country's currency means 'round object'
Only First Lady on a U.S. currency note
Name of currency used in the Phillipines and Argentina
Limited the tax-raising ability of the English King
Largest U.S. bill ever printed
In Lydia (in modern Turkey) first to put this on their coins
Game printed more money that Federal Reserve Bank

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