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Approx. Years LivingFamous PersonMajor Accomplishment
570-632 C.E. Founded Islam
356-323 B.C.E.Conquered most of the known world for the Greeks
100-44 B.C.E.Changed Roman Republic to Roman Empire
4 B.C.E.-36 C.E.Central figure of Christianity
1162- 1227 C.E.Founder of the Mongol Empire
1412-1431 C.E.Helped France win the Hundred Years War
1028-1087 C.E.Invaded and United England
1088-1099 C.E.Launching the First Crusade
 Helped Ari avoid a gruesome death
742-814 C.E.First Holy Roman Emperor
Approx. Years LivingFamous PersonMajor Accomplishment
1215-1294 C.E.ifth Great Khan of the Mongol Empire and founder of the Yuan Dynasty
106-43 B.C.EConsidered one of Rome's greatest orators
63 B.C.E-14 C.E.First emperor of Roman Empire
1166-1216 C.E.Caused Magna Carta
1280-1337 C.E.Stabilized the Kingdom of Mali by establishing a law code
306-337 C.E.Converted Roman Empire to Christianity
1254-1324 C.E.One of the first Europeans to travel to Mongolia and China
6 B.C.E. –36 C.E.Baptized Jesus
5-67 C.E.Influential early Christian responsible for the Christian religion being what it is today
549 – 619 C.E.Muhammad's uncle and protector

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