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Insertion of a base into the DNA sequence
Sections of DNA that code for a polypetide
Codes that do not code for any amino acid and mark the end of the polypeptide chain
Outside factors which increase the rate of base mutations
The strand which is complementary to the template strand
A specific molecule that stimulates transcription
Sequence of 3 bases (triplet) on mRNA that code for a single amino acid
Substituted base codes for same amino acid
Result of the removal of introns from pre-mRNA
The 3 bases on the non-amino acid end of tRNA
Part of ribosome which travels along mRNA
Amino acids have more than one codon
Name of chain of DNA on which RNA polymerase moves along
Process whereby free nucleotides bond to complementary bases on DNA strand forming pre-mRNA
A replacement of one nucleotide with another
Clover leaf-shaped molecule with one end which a specific amino acid attaches
Gene which stimulates cell division
A base change which results in a stop codon being produced
Gene which slows cell division
Enzyme breaking bonds between bases in DNA
Any change to the quantity or structure of the DNA
Each base sequence is read only once
Organelle which is involved in translation
The building blocks of proteins coded fro by DNA
When genetic code is read differently as a result of deletion and/or addition mutations
The removal of introns from pre-mRNA
Same codons code for the same amino acid in all organisms (with few exceptions)
Sections of DNA that do not code for a polypetide
Part of ribosome where tRNA enters
Process whereby polypeptide chain is formed by tRNA attaching to mRNA in cytpolasm
A base change which results in different amino acid being coded for
Direction of RNA polymerase along DNA strand
Type of bonds that hold complementary bases together
Small double-stranded sections of RNA essential for gene expressions
When a nucelotide is lost from the DNA sequence

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