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Famous doll ------ Boop
To boldly challenge the power of
A hollow instrument made of cast metal that rings
Famous brand of breakfast waffles
Vital/Basic/Decisive/Pivotal Points, or a constellation known as the southern cross
The capacitor found in the movie 'Back to the Future'
A form of owing money for provided goods and services
Brother of Cain
Very skilled and proficient
Thickest or heaviest
Thirty plus ten
See notes for details: A popular brand of cookies
A movable barrier acting as an entryway
To cry or shout emotions
Being before all other things in a line or sequence
The soul of a dead person or a famous halloween costume for kids
Fuel for the gun
To reunite formally
A form of moving wind with the mouth
Short for a performance of an example of an action
A kind of pickle
Type of person found in the 1960's
A motion picture or movie
A form of short, irregular, broken waves

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