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To cry or shout emotions
Being before all other things in a line or sequence
A kind of pickle
A form of moving wind with the mouth
A form of short, irregular, broken waves
Famous doll ------ Boop
A form of owing money for provided goods and services
Thickest or heaviest
Thirty plus ten
A movable barrier acting as an entryway
A motion picture or movie
A hollow instrument made of cast metal that rings
Short for a performance of an example of an action
Type of person found in the 1960's
The capacitor found in the movie 'Back to the Future'
Very skilled and proficient
The soul of a dead person or a famous halloween costume for kids
Brother of Cain
See notes for details: A popular brand of cookies
To reunite formally
Vital/Basic/Decisive/Pivotal Points, or a constellation known as the southern cross
Fuel for the gun
To boldly challenge the power of
Famous brand of breakfast waffles

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