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What is the main religion of India?
What mountain range forms South Asia's Northern border?
What year did the Indian Partition occur?
What country formed when the Indian Partition occur?
How many countries are in South Asia?
Where did Hinduism originate?
What river is the most sacred in Hinduism?
Which South Asian country is an island?
Which country was formerly known as East Pakistan?
What Indian city has Dharavi slum?
Is Hinduism Polytheistic or Monotheistic?
How many pillars are there in Islam?
What year is known as Year One in Islam?
What river does Turkey want to dam?
What country did Islam originate?
Name one of the six countries in South Asia?
Name one of the five countries in North Africa?
Is Islam Monotheistic or Polytheistic?
Is Muhammad a prophet or a god?
What city do Muslims make a pilgrimage too?

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