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'The Hobbit' title character
Resides in Isengard
Co-ruler of Lothlórien with his wife
Cut the one ring off of Sauron's hand, but did not destroy it
Eldest of the Ents in Middle Earth
Younger brother of Boromir
Best friends with Pippin
Alerts the goblins of the fellowship's presence in the Mines of Moria
Destroys the one ring
The elven member of the fellowship
Jumped off of Minas Trinth while on fire
Co-ruler of Lothlórien with her husband
Killed by orcish arrows while saving two hobbits
Leader of the Nazgûl
Defeats the Balrog in the mines of Moria
King of Rohan
Frodos' gardener and best friend
Lord of Rivendell
Dwarven member of the fellowship
The all-seeing eye
Daughter of Elrond
Becomes the king of Gondor
Originally known as Sméagol
Killed the Witch-King of Angmar
Evil advisor to the king of Rohan

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