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ALanguage-Most likely Jesus's
BPlace-Jesus was born in this town
CPromise (Between God)-Ex: Davidic, Sinai
DSpirit-Sent by the devil to earth
EWord-'God with us' ('O Come, O Come ________')
FObject-Jesus cursed this tree
GWord (Literally)-'Good News'
HPerson-King during Jesus's birth who tried to kill Him
IPlace-Modern day Country where most of the Holy Land is
JPlace-A river that drains into the dead sea; many relied on it
KPlace-You will enter it if you accept Jesus
LPerson-Jesus rose him from the dead
MAction-through Jesus with the help of God to show the Kingdom (ex: Water to Wine)
NPerson-Built an arc for 40 days and nights
OBook-Shortest in the Old Testament; means 'Servant of Yahweh'
PStories-Told by Jesus that tell of the Kingdom of God using things people can relate to
QSource-Material found in Luke & Mark that are the same
RBook-Tells of the Day of the Lord
SObject-Wounds as of Jesus's Crucifixion on a person
TName-Father, Son, Holy Ghost
UPeople-that The Kingdom of God lies within
VLanguage-everyday language of the people
WPerson(s)-Astronomers sent to find Jesus by Herod
XPerson-King of Persia ≈500B.C., fought many wars against Greece, married Esther
YName-Personal name for God
ZPerson-Tax collector

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