Bread and Blood Word ladder

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Can you name the words to get you from bread to blood?

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Made from flour, water, milk, yeast- (eaten at the holy supper, Jesus' body etc.)
Bacteria do this
never satisfied, always want more, obsession with it-
When you meet someone, you >?< them.
Amazing, Really Good, Fab, etc.
Type of money
To be smug or malicious about something
A sulky look
Scientific word for a blowhole (U won't know this, ) It's a trick one!
A gathering of people, animals, or things is a-
To gulp or swallow. -This is a trick one, it goes with no.9
A squidgy and oozy mess, made with cornflour and water.
Dark, depressing, doom, etc.
A bride and >?<
Used to clean floors, also flown on by witches.
A hen's chicks are her >?<
The red stuff that spills out of your finger when you drop a knife on it. (Jesus called the wine his >?

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