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Can you name the places where various Harry Potter characters lived at one time or another?

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What village did Harry Potter live in up to age one?
What type of dwelling did Hagrid live in on the Hogwarts grounds?
What was the address of the house Harry Potter lived with the Dursley's?
What is the name of the Weasley house?
Where did the Sorting Hat live within Hogwarts?
What is the address of the house where Kreacher lived?
Where did the Beauxbatons students live when they stayed at Hogwarts during the triwizard tournament?
Where did Snape live when he was not at Hogwarts?
Where did Moaning Myrtle live within Hogwarts?
Where did Bill and Fleur live after they married?
Where did Dobby live before he became a freed elf?
In what country did Charlie Weasley live and work?
Where did the Durmstrang students live when they stayed at Howarts for the triwizard tournament?
Where did Grindelwald live after he was defeated in a duel by Dumbledore?
What is the name of the village where Aberforth Dumbledore lived and worked?
Where did Professor Trelawney live within Hogwarts?
In what country did Fleur Delacour live before she married Bill Weasley?
Where did Lord Voldemort live during the months leading up to the triwizard tournament?
What was the name of the prison where Sirius Black lived prior to his escape?
Where did Slytherin's basilisk live within Hogwarts before it was killed by Harry Potter?
In what country did Victor Krum live?
Where did Firenze live before being shunned by the other centaurs?
Where did Sirius Black live when he was hiding in Hogsmeade during the triwizard tournament?
Where did Harry Potter end up living for a few weeks after he inflated Aunt Marge?
In what country did Lord Voldemort live in exile following the failed curse that rebounded upon him and caused Harry Potter's scar?
Where was Grawp living with the other giants when Hagrid first found him?
Where did the real Mad Eye Moody live during the course of the triwizard tournament?
What is the name of the hospital where Frank and Alice Longbottom lived since the time they were tortured by Bellatrix Lestrange?
Where did Tom Riddle Jr. live as a boy?
What is the name of the village where Mrs. Figg lived?
In what country did Bill Weasley live and work before he joined the Order of the Phoenix?
Where did Lupin live as a Hogwarts student when the moon was full?
What type of dwelling did Harry, Ron, and Hermione primarlily live in during their hunt for horcruxes?
What is the name of the village where Marvolo Gaunt lived with his children Morfin and Merope?
Where did Aragog live on the Hogwarts grounds?
Where was Neville Longbottom living within Hogwarts right before the Battle of Hogwarts?

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