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An annual speech made by the President to a joint session of Congress, normally in January
A justice of the Supreme Court who interprets the constitution in a liberal fashion
A 2 stage process made up of majority vote in the House of Representatives followed by a trial in the Senate in which a 2/3 majority is required to remove an official from their of
A term used to refer to the collection of illegal activities conducted by senior members of the Nixon administration
Newt Gingrich laid out 10 policies that the Republicans promised to bring a vote on the house floor during the first 100days of the new Congress if they won the 1994 mid-term elect
The power of the Supreme Court to declare actions of the Executive and acts of Congress (or acts/actions of state government) unconstitutional and thereby nul and void
The institution established by the founding fathers to indirectly elect a president
The effect of a strong party candidate at the top of the ticket helping other candidates of the same party to get elected at the same time
Compact made between 13 original states, later replaced by US constitution
A theory of government by which political power is divided between a national government and a state government, each having separate jurisdiction
The period between candidates declaring intention to run for Presidency and the first contest of the primary season
A statement of a party's policies for an upcoming presidential election
A theory of government whereby political power is distributed among different branches
The gap between the support given to a candidate by women and the support given to the same candidate by men
An approach to judicial decision making which holds that a judge should use their position to promote desirable social ends
A term popularised by Aurthur Schlesinger used to refer to a presidency characterised by the misuse and abuse of the powers of the presidency
A tactic used by Presidential candidate in selecting a VP candidate who will increase their voter appeal
A term used to describe a strong relationship between a government department, congressional committee and the relevant pressure group in an attempt to guarantee the policy out com
Close co-operation between the two major parties
A primary election in which any registered can vote in either party's primary
The top staff agencies in the White House that give the President help and advice in carrying out the major duties of his office
A power vested in the President by which he may return a Bill to Congress unsigned. Congress can override this by a 2/3 vote in both Houses
The practice of voting for candidates of 2 or more parties for different offices at the same election
The advisory group selected by the President to aid him in making decisions and co-ordinating the work of the Federal government
A system of Government in which each branch exercises control over the actions of other branches
A justice of the Supreme Court who interprets the constitution in a literal or conservative fashion
A Tuesday in early February where a number of states coincide their presidential primaries in order to gain influence
Convention held in Philadelphia, 1787, which framed the constitution
A mechanism commonly known as an initiative by which citizens of a state can place proposed laws on a state ballot
An approach to judicial decision making which holds that a judge should primarily use precedent to make decisions and should defer to the legislative and executive branches
The principle by which governmental and political power is vested not only in the Federal government but also in the State governments
Fundamental Rights guaranteed by the Constitution, principally in the Bill of Rights
A primary election in which only registered voters can vote for their respective party ie. registered democrats can only vote in the Democratic primary
The meeting held once every 4 years by each of the major parties to select their presidential and vice presidential candidates. Also the party platform is written
When states schedule their primaries early in the year to increase their influence

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