In Wayne's World What Song Is Playing When...?

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Can you name the Song in Wayne's World That Is Playing When...?

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Wayne and Garth are in the Mirth Mobile in the beginning?
Crucial Taunt is playing at Gas Works the first time?
Wayne first sees Cassandra?
Garth gets his belt to shock the bully at Gas Works?
Crucial Taunt is playing at Gas Works the second time?
Cassandra and Wayne are in the Mirth Mobile?
Garth fantasizes about his dream woman?
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Wayne, Garth, and Cassandra are at Benjamin's apartment?
Wayne and Garth are on their way to see Alice Cooper?
Benjamin goes to Cassandra's apartment to see Crucial Taunt?
Wayne and Garth see Alice Cooper?
Wayne and Garth film their first sponsored show?
Crucial Taunt performs for Frankie Sharp?

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